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Poster: Anonymous
Subject: Re: A tuna story...

I have just read your exciting article regarding the tuna! Talk about memories. I had the opportunity to fish for giant bluefin tuna out of Conception Bay, NFLD, while in the Navy (1969). I knew where the story was going after reading a few paragraphs. My article is on the Mercury Marine web site, "Bluefin Memories". I fought mine for 1 hour and 50 minutes, in a chair! My 23 year old muscles had never been tested (especially my back) in an athletic life! The skipper had the double line in his grasp but could not bring the giant fish to gaff. The hook was straightened out! They calculated his weight to be around th 750 lb range. I, too, had him swimming on his side in 180 degree arcs approximately 30 feet behind the boat. It was a trip of a lifetime! I cannot imagine being able to live this life and doing it for a living. I know it would be a job and not an easy one, but to be able to fish for a living would be next to heaven! GREAT ARTICLE!...../MikeW)

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