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Poster: daveT
Subject: Re: taxidermy

That is why I started mounting my own fish. You got a Manakin mount, which is pre-formed and "not" to fit your fish. The only way to get "YOUR" fish back, is to do a "Quick Cast Method", which is not quick by any means. But hardly any taxidermists do it this way anymore, they all use manakins. Its harder to Quick Cast, more processes, and the mount weighs as much as it did before (heavy). So if you can live with a heavy mount, you'll get YOUR fish! You can check my mounts on my site, think I still have some pics in About page.A Quick Cast is a Cast made from YOUR fish, then filled with paper-mache.

Also, there's really not much money in taxidermy, the guy didn't make much, probably about half of what you paid, plus many hours of work spent. Maybe ask him for half your money back. Taxidermy is an art, most aren't artist at all, but even an artist can blow it. Think about if you had to paint someone elses fish...its a gamble as with any artwork.

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