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Subject: Re: Line

I've just started fly fishing yesterday and noticied that my line is tangling up, I've respooled it the same thing happens.Now I bought a combo with rod,reel,line and leader were as 1 unit. Now you suggested Trilene, all my fishing will be done in Texas, and mainly for Bass and Crappie. Can you offer any suggestions that might make my trail and error period a little shorter. I will say that it is the most fun I have had in years of fishing. I really like ultra-light spinning rods and reels for the fight but it doesn't hold a candle to this fly fishing. My first fish caught was a 21" Black Bass that took me 9mins. to land and at that moment Fly fishing had become a mainstay in my love for fishing. Sorry for the long message just wanted to share my story to another avid angler. Thank you for any help that you may offer. God Bless America.........Richard

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