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Poster: jason
Subject: Re: canoe or float?

let me start off by thanking any one who answers my question in advance.
thank you.
now on to the question. I am a younger angler living in ontario i don't own a fishing boat or boat of any kind therefore all of my fishing is done from the shore in our local lakes, ponds, and rivers which are generally very calm. I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a small canoe or float tube so that i can get to some of the areas of my favorite spots that are not accesable from the shore (i.e. too much under growth around the river or pond or plainly to far from shore.) my questions are which would be better suited for my plans a float tube or a canoe? and are float tubes used along with wadders if not how dry do you or do you not stay? (i like to fish some of the months where the water is a bit cold to be soaked in) thanks a gain for your help.

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