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Poster: Jimmy Everett
Subject: Re: Lake Fork Report

Lake Fork has been doing great in the last couple of days. The water temp is the low 80s and all the storms have seemed to pass and we are getting nice weather now.
The Bass fishing has been good with black/blue buzzbaits working great in 1 to 2 feet of water. Make sure you have a trailer hook and a 3 blade seems to work a little better than a 2 blade. Also work your bait very slow over grass and timber on main lake points.
After the topwater bite slows down switch to a carolina rigged zoom centipede or ultravibe speed craw in watermelon, green pumpkin, or pumpkinseed and dye the tip or pinchers in chartruse dye. Fish this over main lake humps and ridges. These baits really seem to work good in the grass in 6-10 feet of water on top of the humps and ridges. If you arnt getting hit in the grass kick out to 15 to 20 feet and throw your arm off. The afternoon bite has been much better than the morning bite.
Myself and 2 clients had over 25 bass today and 20 of them came in the afternoon with 5 bass over 5 pounds and a lost fish at the boat I think was over 10lbs. @0 fish afternoons havent been uncommon lately.
So if you have the time you shopuld come out to Fork and give it a try and I hope this report helps you catch fish.If you would like to book a trip to fish Lake Fork give me a call at 903-765-3980 or visit me at

Thank you
Jimmy Everetts Guide Service

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