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Poster: S&K Guides
Subject: Re: Northeast Fishing reports

The fishing here in the Delmarva area has really been crazy due to the changing weather. One day it has been in the low 50's, and the next day in the upper 80's. We had several large fish kills recently also, and many ponds and rivers have had a bad algae bloom. The better areas for bass have been on the Susquehanna Flats in the grass beds by Swan Creek, and bass to 5 pounds have come on crankbaits and jigs. The Sassafras river has also been good in Turners Creek in the docks on jigs at the incoming and outgoing tides.
In Delaware, Killens Pond is producing good bass at dawn and dusk on topwaters such as buzzbaits and frogs, and some decent bass have also come from Coursey's Pond nearby on Senkos and Bearpaws handpoured baits in watermelon during the day near the dam.
The weather is not looking good for the weekend, but the following week, things may return to somewhat normal temperatures for August, and action may pick up again before the water starts to turnover in late September. For up to the minute fishing reports, and live radio reports on local areas, just stop by where you will find a wealth of information. Steve S&K Guide Service

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