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Poster: Jimmy Everett
Subject: Re: Lake Fork Report

Lake Fork fishing has been up and down with fronts and hi-pressure systems moving in and out. I have had great days with fish to 9lbs and 30 fish down to 15 fish with a 5 pound fish being the biggest. The water temp is in the 80s and rising and droping with the weather. This has really scattered the fish, although some days they have turned on.
I still start my day with a 10 1/2 inch Zoom ol-monster worm texas rigged in 15-20 feet deep. The best colors have been blueberry, Black red glitter, and blackberry.I am fishing these on humps, roadbeds, and points untill the bite turns off which is sometime around 10am. The bite has been good all day if you get out when it is clowdy.
When that bite slows I am switching to a carolina rigged baby lake fork creature or a baby ring fry. The best colors have been watermelon with the tail dyed in chart. dye when its sunny and blue bruiser when its clowdy. Fish these baits in 18-25 feet of water over humps, roadbeds, points, and ridges on the main lake.I am keeping this on till around 5pm and switching back to the 10 1/2 inch worm untill dark.
During the last few days I have seen alot of good fish schooling up to around 5 pounds. I have been keeping a 3/4 oz chrome blue rattle trap by my feet for when they come up and it has been very effective and you can throw these things a mile so it lets you get those fish that use to be just out of range
If you just want to catch some fish you can always take a Strike works finnese jig in black/blue with a small trailer and flip trees on humps in 6-10 feet of water or try drop shoting a wave tiki drop in smoke shad around grass on humps or ridges.
I still have some open dates for August and some for Sept. if you are interested in booking a trip. For booking info call 903-765-3980 or visit and email me.
Thank you and hope this report helps you out on the lake
Guide Jimmy Everett

Skeeter, Yamaha,Strike Works Inc.(, Axtons Bass City 903-472-7224 for lake fork info and rooms, Fun-N-Sun sporting centers
For a great deal on a boat call PAUL fromn Fun-N-Sun at 817-279-1991

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