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Poster: gottumguide
Subject: Re: Salmon River water flow 9/7- 1800cfs

Well the fishing was great this past Labor Day, however the catching was a bit slow. Each trip we managed a couple of fish- but pretty slim pickings. However a good time was had by all. The Kings were all fairly large. Here's a picture of a proud 14yr old(Mike) to take back to school this week- Note: nasty lamprey left its mark
What a great stretch of DRY weather we had. Great temps and plenty of sun. It certainly looks like it's taking a turn for the worse. It's already raining heavily and as most of you know the river is going up(1800cfs). Hopefully it will drop by the weekend. But hey you never know!
Good luck guys
Please be careful-fish with a friend-wear your korkers- don't take risks-stay along the edges-that's where the fish will be hanging anyway

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