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Poster: Paul Keith
Subject: Re: Caddo Lake Report

Hey guys, just posting an updated report.
Most all the bass we have been catching lately are from grass fishing. Pitching worms like a 9 inch Super Ringer or 11 inch Hog Wild in colors of red shad(stained water) or plum(clearer water). A 1/4 oz. weight in most situations has been working well but once it gets hot with a bright sun I have sometimes had to go to a heavy 3/4 oz. weight and punch it through the deeper(5-7 ft.) heavily matted grass. Our 3 largest fish yesterday came on the red shad colored 11 inch worm(7 lb,5 lb,4.5 lb) with a total of 12 yesterday morning.
We have also been catching them on a Pork Shad(fluke) in watermelon and junebug(stained water) colors. Bayou Bullfrogs during the heat of the day have been working good too.
Good numbers of smaller kentucky and largemouth bass on the Big Cypress above the Gov't Ditch using shallow diving Bandits and Pop-r's has been working at times early in the day too. Water temps are ranging from 80 to 86 degrees and the lake is on a slow fall. Be careful out there and rip some lips....

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