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Poster: Chuck Ferraro
Subject: Re: I just bought an aqwesome new book!

If you have ever watched the movie "A River Runs Through It"
You long for those days of catching that trophy fish useing your flyrod
and those new flies you bought.But is useing those "Secret" flies all there is to it? Absolutely not!

You need to learn things like reading the water and where the big ones hang out and so on.
Our new guide will fill you in on over 100 flyfishing tips and secrets.

Even seasoned professionals will find this to be a very useful guide!

Hurry and get your copy today and get "Fish Recipes" as one of your bonuses! This book is
filled with tons of mouth watering seafood recipes that no one can resist!
This guide will be on many a fishermans Christmas lists this year!

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