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Poster: Paul Keith
Subject: Re: Caddo Lake report

The lake is slowly falling and is at about 169.22 as of today, normal pool is 168.50. Water temps are ranging from 55-62 degrees and most of the lake is stained.
Bass are good on a variety of lures like rattletraps and Cyclone Lightnin' Blades over the open water grass are producing and many times you may find the bass(males) stacked in these areas. Some good Trap colors to try are tequila, red, or shad colors in the stained water.
A V&M Super Hightail around the cypress in colors of watermelon, black/blue, or black/red have been catching some good sized bass when fished in 4-6 ft. of water. Watermelon flukes like the V&M Pork Shad fished over the open grass is picking up some decent bass also.
Crappie are fair. Most can be caught up the main channel above the ditch using small jigs off the bottom around laydowns and boat docks.

Caddo Lake Guide Service/Paul Keith

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