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ok, I am asking this question, even though it is November, but dont leave. There is this lake I go to that has largemouths, northerns, trout, walleye,crappies, perch, blugills, channel cats, flatheads, and carp. I found this place last year, and only went 5 times. I have caught 17 nine inch bass( yes i released them), an 18 inch bashh, and 20 bluegill( i kept 3 8 inchers and released the rest)i want to have better success next year. I plan to go April 6 or 7. Does the bass spawn start by then? Also, do you have any other tips. I'm not sure how to include a map thing of the lake so ill try to explain it. The lake is at the deepest 27 feet; The main lake is 4 acres, with a little stream connecting it to a smaller 1 acre lake. At the north end of the lake is a little bay with a sand bar and 6 inches deep of water connecting it to the main lake. There is seaweed in this bay and 2 ft deep of water. At the west end of the lake, the bottom is made out of rocks, and a pipe putting fresh, cold water in the lake. The 1 acre lake has a sandy bottom with seaweed. Ive seen some big fish( prob. trout) jumping out of the middle. I really need all the tips i can. Also, is April 6th too early for the bass spawn, or is it during the bass spawn? Thank You. I dont want the location of this well kept secret to be put in to the public, so I'm not going to give the location of it until I have enough good information of what to do there. And I'll e-mail it to you if you give me your e-mail adress and tips of what to do there. I think all the different types of bottoms support each species. Thank You!!!!!

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