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Poster: John D
Subject: Re: GREAT Lakes Salmon fishing

Probably more than a little bit late now, but......... last week I bought a Fishing magazine, and in one of the adverts (from one of the UK's leading Mail-order tackle Companies)... and they had some stuff called "Ultrabite Salmon, Sea Trout & Trout" which is a specially formulated pheromone based attractant for game fish >:)

I haven't tried it yet, since at the moment I'm preparing to make a come back to fishing for the first time in 6years...... but have almost every intention to give it a try sometime later this year (I'm just waiting to get some new Nylon Mono line to put on my reels, since they haven't seen much action for 6 years either, so the lines gone all dry & kinky).

~ JD

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