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Poster: John D
Subject: Re: "Interesting" names for Lures & Flies

1) The "Flying Condom" (also known as "Irish Rubbertails"): For thouse of you unfamiliar with these, they're supposed to be a Deadly Lure for Salmon.

2) The "Yo-Zuri Formu-Rat Super Diver" - A Deep diving plug, with a clear lip. It also rattles, and has a slot for inserting either a mini-starlight, or one of the supplied Filter pads for adding some sort of scent to the Lure (they kinda looked like tampons for a Barbie Doll). I had one of these lures once, but it fell victim to the Wire Mesh stuff along the River bank, (which I assume is part of the stuff reinforcing it) and also along the bottom of the River Esk near where I live.

3)"Snail" - a damsel "fly", tied to look like a snail.

4) "Mega Boobie" - a Boobie fly

5) "Frog" - a Pike fly, tied to look like a frog

6) "Green Butt Black Bear" - a postwing tube fly
(previously mentioned flies part of the "Uncle Jack's" range, offered by

7) oh, stuff it!

~ JD (g/f is online now)

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