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Subject: Re: HELP!

: : : I am a young 14 year old angler that fishes probaly less than five times a year. I'm pretty sure next week i'll be going to a lake in one of the few undeveloped, still natural parts outside memphis, althought the lake is man-made, stocked and the fish are fed sometimes but there are small baitfish all over the shore. The lake boasts bass, catfish, crappie and brim. We plan to leave early in the morning around 6:00. If you could give me some general tips on what and how to fish it would be greatly appreciative. The lakes geography includes a slight slope that breaks into a fifty foot drop about forty yards out. The lake has thick branches and brush all along the east shoreline. Its shape is similar to a kidney bean. There are a few grass beds about twenty yards off a point towards the center of the lake. My tackle box has several worm colorsand types ,a poppper, a small lipped crankkbait that wiggles on retrieve, spinners and plastic lizards.If you need more info on what colors exactly, my plastics are or hardbaits, then please ask.I really dont want to go out and buy more lures. I've been let down fishing several times and all i want to do is catch fish and have a good time. I'm going to be bank fishing. Any tips/hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

: PS. If it wold be any help to you, the temps around here have been constanly in the 80's and 90's for about a week and a half. Thanks

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