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Poster: George_Landrum
Subject: Re: Cabo San Lucas Fish Report

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: The wind started blowing from the N.W. on Monday evening and didn’t stop until Friday night. It occasionally swung around and came from the south. The strong wind combined with large ground swells plus the wind swell made fishing on the Pacific side nearly impossible. Temperatures remained in the 60-80 degree range throughout the entire week with no rain or cloud cover.

WATER: The Pacific side experienced very rough conditions and large swells were prevalent throughout the week. Saturday saw an improvement in conditions through the entire Cabo fishing range as a result of the wind disappearing. The sustained wind all week forced a thick band of cold water, from 60-64 degrees, across the Cape and up the Sea of Cortez as far as San Jose. This cold band extended offshore for a distance of 15-20 miles on the Cortez side and up to 35 miles south of the Cape. The wind picked up again on Sunday afternoon, but now on Monday morning it is calm.

BAIT: The larger baits, Mackerel and Caballito, were available at the usual $2 per bait. Sardinas were hard to get all week and the few that could be found were in San Jose.


BILLFISH: There have been a lot of Swordfish sighted due south of Cabo this past week and several were hooked up. The cold water has brought these fish around and forced the Striped Marlin further off shore. There have been plenty of Striped Marlin sighted outside the band of cold water but they have been slow to bite. Several boats were able to get multiple hookups this past week but they were the exception, being in the right place at the right time. The Swordfish were hooked on live bait and most of the Striped Marlin were caught on lures.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The bite that had been happening at Gordo Banks the previous week died off this week, mostly due to the absence of Sardinas as bait. The Yellowfin that were caught were found mixed in with the Porpoise and averaged 10-20 pounds, the football sized fish. A few larger fish, up to 150 pounds, were caught among the Porpoise also but they were few and far between. Most Yellowfin caught were fooled by 6”-9” feathers and cedar plugs.

DORADO: Only a few were found this week and they were on the small side, averaging only 10 pounds. The water near shoe may be too cold for them right now.

WAHOO: A few were reported and the sizes were very nice, 80 pound average. There were no concentrations of Wahoo found; each caught was an incidental fish found while looking for something else.

NEARSHORE: Yellowtail were the inshore/near shore fish of the week since the heavy winds blew in the cold water. While not steady, action was found by boats concentrating on the rocky points and rock piles during the beginning and end of the slack tides. Chrome, chrome/blue and mackerel in 6 oz. iron produced the most fish and some were found by trolling Rapalas and live bait over the same areas. The Yellowtail averaged 15 pounds with an exceptional fish going to 25 pounds. The other inshore action was provided by Sierra and these also were an on again/off again proposition. One day you would catch 20 or 30 and the next catch 5. A few Skipjack tuna and Amberjack provided the remainder of the inshore roundup.

NOTES: The Whales are almost gone and the Spring Breakers are still here!
Hope the fishing gets better soon. My house in Cabo is for sale. The boat that ran up on the rocks at Chileno then sunk in the marina entrance was raised this week and is no longer a hazard to navigation. Please book a boat through a licensed agent or owner, don’t contribute to the “coyote” scams and problems at the marina. The agencies raised the price of beer so everyone followed suit, now the cheapest beer at a bar costs 14 pesos, used to be 12 pesos. Marina raised their rates; everyone raised the price on everything, bet the charter rates go up soon. I’m getting a tan and am warm, are you? But then the wind starts blowing and we are all running around with jackets again.

Until next week, Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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