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Poster: Jim Chambers
Subject: Re: Rating of Congress as Friends or Enemies of Fish

Friends and Enemies of Fish in Congress

All 535 Members of Congress have now been rated as "friends" or "enemies" of fish, of their supporting habitats, and of the long-term interests of U.S. fishermen. The rating can be found at The evaluation is based on voting records, actions taken and legislative initiatives. In all, a series of 30 fish-related issues were used to rate every Member of Congress.

The purpose of this rating is to allow fishermen and other conservationists to recognize which Members of Congress are working to conserve fish and their ecosystems - particularly inshore habitats such as rivers, wetlands, estuaries, bays and coastal waters on which 75% of marine fish depend for their survival - and which Members are actively helping to destroy fish, their environment and thus the future of fishing in the United States. For more information see


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