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Poster: fishbuster
Subject: Re: Capt. Dave Hanson's Naples, FL Fishbuster Charters

Captain Dave Hanson of Fishbuster Charters in Bonita Beach fished with clients in Estero Bay, around the New Pass area, and also in the Gulf of Mexico, in about 30 feet, 10 miles west of Wiggins Pass in north Naples. They did well with live shrimp, shiners and pinfish on light spinning tackle. Jay Fares and friend Matt, from Chicago, fished the bay to land snook, jack cravalle, and redfish. Sam LoPresti, Bob Van Bergen, David Guidubaldi, and Bill Farrall, of Ohio fished offshore, and caught a 23 inch gag grouper (caught on a squirrel fish bait), a mess of seventeen keeper mangrove snapper, two keeper triggerfish, and grunts. Orgie Vincella and friend, Bill, fished offshore, and caught keeper mangrove snapper, porkfish, and grunts. They hooked and lost a big gag grouper. H.D. and Ann Nelson caught two limits of mangrove snapper, keeper triggerfish, and short gag grouper. Frank Chumley caught keeper mangrove snapper, grunts, short gag grouper, blue runners, and triggerfish offshore. Ralph & Dolly Pettit caught a similar assortment, and also hooked and lost a 35 inch cobia, on a grunt bait. Bigger gag grouper typically arrive in Nov/Dec, so we'll be looking for those!

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