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Poster: George_Landrum
Subject: Re: Cabo Fish Report

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: The week started out on a good note with the winds we had been having lightening up a bit and the daytime conditions being fairly nice. The prevailing winds during the early part of the week were from the west-northwest at 8 to 14 knots during the evening. Later in the middle of the week they died to nearly nothing and at the latter part, Friday and the weekend they picked up quite a bit and started to come from the south. No rain all week although we thought that the tail end of Hurricane Adolph might bring some moisture, instead it veered off to the west and we ended up with clear skies and no rain. Daytime temperatures were in the mid to high 90’s and the evenings were a very comfortable low to mid 80’s.

WATER: Early in the week the water on the Pacific side was a bit uncomfortable due to the choppy conditions caused by the wind but the middle of the week that condition disappeared. Even during the latter part of the week when the wind shifted from the south the water remained in fairly good shape. The big disappointment was the water temperature! We had seen the temperatures slowly climb into the high 70’s and low 80’s early in the week and the water clarity coincided with the temperature break. That got everyone excited and sure enough, the bit took off for at least one day of the week. Thursday was the day, and almost everyone experienced some outstanding action on Marlin and Dorado. It seems that as soon as things get a bit better something happens to put a damper on the action. We have hashed it over a bit and have reached the conclusion, after looking at the temperature maps and the weather maps, that the Hurricane’s passage to the southwest of us brought in some cooler waters from the Pacific side on the tail wind. Overnight the water temperature dropped by 10 degrees as far up the coast as the East Cape. Once that happened it seemed that the fish went into shock and the bite has been almost nothing and the water has turned green again. This is fishing and if it rains, it is going to pour! Now we have to hope that the winds stay down long enough for the water to warm back up and the color to clear.

BAIT: There has been no problem obtaining Caballito and Mackerel for live bait and the prices have remained at $2 per bait. I have no idea on the availability or price on Sardinas for the past week.


BILLFISH: The Striped Marlin fishing was fair to good during the early part of the week and most of the fish were caught on live bait. One of the reasons for this was the superabundance of forage out on the water. Every Marlin that we saw was stuffed with squid and we were surprised that the fish that were caught were able to fit anything else into them. This condition continued until Thursday when the wind and the cold water came in. The early part of the week was good enough for the boats to be seeing 12 -20 Striped Marlin a day, and a few boats saw more, but these fish were difficult to entice. After Thursday the fish had disappeared and it was rare to see a fish, at least in range of the Cabo charter boats.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The Tuna are starting to recover a bit from the ravages caused by the purse seiner of two weeks ago, but they are still not a sure bet by any means. Gordo banks is pumping out a few for the boats that are willing to put in the time and work the area thoroughly and that is just about the extent of the action. A few fish are being found among the porpoise, but these mammals are still under extreme shock after being worked so hard by the seiners. The fish that have been caught have been school or football fish for the most part and boats using live bait on light line have taken them.

DORADO: Dorado have been one of the few bright spots for the week, at least until the water cooled off overnight. Most boats were able to find at least one or two of these great fish during the early part of the week, but as with the Marlin, they seemed to disappear with the cooler water moving into the area. The fish that were found bit on smaller Marlin lures or feathers, most of the fish were less than 20 pounds but a few did reach the 50-pound class.

WAHOO: What Who? (Again, sorry bout that). Full moon on the 6th, we’ll see if that helps.

INSHORE: The action was very good for the first part of the week for the boats working the shoreline for Roosterfish on both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez side. Some very nice Yellowtail are being caught as I am typing this just out in front off the arch and up the Pacific side off of the rocky points. There has been a fair bit on Skipjack Tuna, Bonito and Amberjack, plus the bite or larger sized Sierra has been from good to fair.

NOTES: The full moon is approaching and that is not good for the Marlin bite, but by the time the moon starts waning the temperature should be starting to warm up. The good point of this is that the Tuna should start to show themselves again real soon. June 1st was Mariners day here in Mexico and most of the boats, including us, gave the captains and crew the day off to celebrate. Naturally a few of the celebrants took advantage of the situation and there were quite a few boats going out on the second that either left very late or left shorthanded! As part of the celebration a few of the fleets had their boats fly every flag they had on board, just to give a bit of color to the marina. Sure, I’ll buy some of that swampland! This is the 3rd and almost everyone I came into contact with on the marina today asked why such and such fleet caught so many fish and the boat they went out on couldn’t seem to find any! When I explained what was going on there sure were a lot of people who felt they had been taken advantage of by the coyotes they had booked through! Guess the coyotes had been telling them that those flags actually represented the catch on Friday! Renters beware!

Until next week (and better news), Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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