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Poster: Capt Geo
Subject: Re: Cabo Bite Report

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
January 16 - 22, 2012

WEATHER: The week started off nice warm and sunny. Temps in the low 80's. Moving towards the end of the week the cloud cover moved in and out temps were a mid to hi 70's. Which isn't bad unless the wind picks up. For the most part, it is beautiful weather of course. We don't get anything else here in Cabo! These high clouds have made for some awesome sunrise and sunset pictures.
WATER: The warmer waters have been south and around to San Jaime Bank, temps 73-75, while Gordo Banks is cooling off with only 70 degree water. The warmer water is holding the striped marlin.
BAIT: Small Caballito, some Mackerel and some junk baits were available at $3 each, frozen horse Ballyhoo could be had for between $3 and $4 each and there were a few sardines to be found toward San Jose at $25 a scoop.
BILLFISH: Billfish finally picked up this week. The warm waters out by San Jaime Bank are holding marlin. A few boats are catching them. They have lots of squid to feed on, so you need to work them to take your bait.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Pretty much the same as last week, if this is what you want to target. Probably the fish of the week in terms of numbers, at least for the off-shore species, they were not the fish of the week in terms of size. Most of the fish found were football sized, and they were being very picky when it came to feeding. Scattered pods of Porpoise were found from just off the beach to 30 miles out on the Pacific side and one out of three held these smaller fish. The key to success was small hootchies, as small as two inches fished on 20 pound leader. With the fish ranging in size from 6 to 15 pounds you still got a good fight if you were using the lighter tackle, but if one of the very few fish in the 35 pound class happened to bite. Boats traveled up to 50 miles to the west trying to find larger fish in the warmer water but did not have any success.
DORADO: They are still hanging around. Most likely because of the 70 + degree water is still around. As our water temps drop into the 60's they will disappear until June. I saw a couple of really nice ones in the 25-30 lb range, but most of them are in the l0 lb range.
WAHOO: Lots of wahoo flags this week, of course this time of year, mostly they are flown for sierra. The sierra seem a little small to me this year, but still some decent numbers being caught.
INSHORE: Most of my inshore clients this week have been fly-fishing. The roosterfish are here along with sierra. Make sure you bring sinking leader. Snappers showing up if you know where to get them. They have been catching a few small tuna and dorado inshore also.
FISH RECIPE: I wasn't happy with what I came up with last week, so I didn't post it. Tried to do some dorado with a balsamic vinegar and honey sauce. I used fresh honey instead of store bought and it came out way too sweet. I'll try again and get it right. Tawny on the other hand loved it!
NOTES: Report is a little short this week as it usually is when I write it. George is visiting his family in Oklahoma city. I am not as creative as he is. He will be back writing the reports next week! Tight lines, I am off to take Tawny for her Sunday romp at the beach so she will sleep through football. (am I a bad Mom?) Rooting for the 49er's today. I think the Superbowl needs a West Coast Team.
Have a great week, catch lots of fish, and get those reservations for Cabo made!

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