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Poster: fishbuster
Subject: Re: Bonita, FL Captain Dave Hanson

Captain Dave Hanson of Fishbuster Charters fished Bonita Beach and Naples in SW Fl. This week, Captain Dave and his clients fished Estero Bay, and also the Gulf offshore from Wiggins Pass, in north Naples. Clients Frank and Anna Meib, with daughters Christina and Michelle, all from Austria, fished central Estero Bay with live shrimp on light spinning tackle. They caught a smorgasboard of sheepshead, two snook, two redfish, keeper mangrove snapper, ladyfish, puffer fish, sand bream, and permit. Later in the week, the Meib family tried their luck offshore, six miles west of Wiggins Pass. They caught a 38 inch barracuda, keeper mangrove snapper, permit, jack cravalle, ladyfish, grunts, and porkfish, all on live shrimp.Brad & Jennifer, from St. Louis, fished 7 miles west of Wiggins Pass with live shrimp and white baits, on light and heavy spinning tackle. They caught two permit each about 30 inches, a 40 inch barracuda, a 110 pound jewfish (released), a 2 1/2 pound jack cravalle (which became bait for the jewfish), a four pound flounder, and a 22 inch redfish. Logan Morris, Al Rothstrum, and Rob fished central Estero Bay, using shiners, and caught jack cravalle, seven snook, two of which were keepers, and two redfish 22 inches and 25 inches.

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