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Poster: CaptDan_Kauai
Subject: Re: Kauai report…

Novemberish, The winds were HIGH.

I had to cancel more trips than not. The days we got out were from dead slow to pretty good fishing.
I had a gentleman who had work on the island & wanted to fish while he was here, we got out 3 & a half days, we hooked One Blue Marlin only to have it come off after a couple minutes. We got a nice bull Mahi – 43 pounds, missed two more, got a couple big skipjack – 18 to 20 pounds, coulda got as many as we wanted but He Wanted a Marlin. I hope he had a good time, with booking multiple days I was able to give him a good rate, same with anyone that books multiple trips.

Other trips throughout the month we had plenty of the big Skipjack tuna, these are FUN!!! If you like multiple strikes on lighter line, these are some fun Fish, they are good eating here in Hawaiian waters.

The Mahi-Mahi are starting to make their winter run, some good sized ones coming up, Open schools, on the ledge & at the FADS. Often after hooking a Mahi, we can get the school to follow the hooked fish to the boat & get some bait back to them on lighter line & have some good fun.

The Wahoo seem to have left for a while, still “One here-One there”.

The School Yellowfin Tuna have yet to make their winter showing, shouldn’t be long before they are here to take some hooks & make for some Great BBQs. There have been a few coming up but not like they will be the next few months.

The Marlin have been their “Normal” selves, Unpredictable…Stripe Marlin & the Spearfish are starting to show, some days good. The Blues are not as good as they could get, that’s how winter can be, still some out there but as far as a “Target Fish”, maybe slow. There is a good chance of finding them & the Mahi will add to the trip if ya go out Hunting the Deep waters.

All n All, it was somewhat like November should / could be. Windy!!! If we could of got out more, we probably would have had many more fish.

Not sure I’d recommend coming to Hawaii in November for a “Fishing Vacation”,
I would recommend giving the fishing a try if your gonna be here anyway on vacation, the possibilities are here & the Deep water IS close. Some years can be wide open.
Winter the currents change a lot so the fish move a lot with it. Every week can be much different.

Now is a good time to “Think about a Summer Trip”.
If ya get a couple friends / family together & come out & book Multiple trips, I’ll work with ya on rates. I’ll also work with ya on weather conditions if they become a problem.
Mid April thru mid October can be best for bigger fish. I would be happy to help with arraignments, if planned right, not so expensive…

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc. toll free 877-887-0412

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