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Poster: Dorado1
Subject: Re: Zihuatanejo, Mexico report Jan 4

This report from Vargas Sportfishing, Whisky Charters, and Mar y Tierra Sportfishing

Sailfishing is “Red Hot” most boats are raising 6+ fish per day, many in double digits. The fleet averaging catching just over 3 fish per day. The “Gitana” and Capt. Santiago with angler Pete Dunlavy having a spectacular 4 days with 26 Sailfish, tagging 20, releasing 3 and having 3 fatalities. Vargas fleet again having a great week with 57 Sailfish catches and releasing the majority. Joining in the frenzy were the Vamanos II, Gaby, Intruza, Agua Azul, Whisky fleet and a several others. Dorado are mixed with the Sails and 1-3 fish per day are being reported by everyone making dinner an easy mark. It was week with over 200 Sailfish landed and most released for the reporting fleets. The tuna are offshore now at 25+ miles and averaging 50-80 pounds. Capt Alfredo Vargas now has the Esturion III available for charter, this is a special design panga for Tuna only, $250 per day.

There was limited inshore angling as the tourists are after the Sailfish. Some nice Chulas are in the area.

Temperatures.....Daytime high 89’s with real feel just under 100º, Seas-80º
Bait Supply.......Excellent
Best bait........Trolled baits for Sails, trolled baits, feathers, live bait or small rapalas for Dorado
Best areas....... Blue water from 0 to 10 miles out, 210º

Come fish with us November 7-9, 2002 in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Tight lines,

Capt. Alfredo Vargas
Fintastic's Total Tag & Release Tournament

Paul Phillips
Fintastic's Tag & Release Tournament

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