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Poster: George Landrum
Subject: Re: Cabo San Lucas Fish Report

Hi Oneeye,
Last May our boat did well mid month but of
course that is no prediction of this coming
months fishing. Heck, if I could predict what
the fishing was going to be like I could be
rich! Last year on the 13th we tagged and
released one Striped Marlin on lures and tossed
bait to three others plus caught 2 Dorado, all
north of Gordo Banks. On the 14th the boat went
26 miles north and they caught 2 Striped Marlin,
one on lures and one on live bait plus saw 15
others. On the 15th they repeated the action of
the 14th in the same area but the action
happened later in the day around 11am. On the
16th the caught and kept one Striped Marlin that
was hooked in the eye by the lures hooks and
tagged and released another one on live bait,
again in the same area only this day they saw 15-
20 fish. These days surrounded the 1st Quarter
moon. Early in the month around the full moon
they were getting lots of Yellowfin Tuna and
there were a lot of Marlin around but they were
not biting as well. Later in the month all the
action moved inshore with the arrival of the
larger Roosterfish and an abundance of Squid
that kept the offshore fish full and not
hungry. First quarter moon this year is on the
19th so plan accordingly. I am always
interested in knowing why people chose to book
the boats they do so if you would be kind enough
to let me know why you decided on "Redrum" as
your provider I would appreciate it! Perhaps
they could fill you in on the action they had
during that time frame last year also. By the
way, all the action for those four days were
with the same client, John Woods and his dad!
What a trip they had! Hope this helps you!
Capt, George Landrum

George & Mary
Juan & Manuel
The "Fly Hooker" Crew
011-52-624-143-8271 phone/fax
locally 044-624-170-1271 or

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