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Poster: CaptDan_Kauai
Subject: Re: FUN

850..Full facial Spray…!!

Yep, my Whole face was wet… I could not believe it, talk about fun…,,,!
I was down on the deck with the customers, dad & son, already missed a couple nice screamers,
We were on the “40”, (240 ft.) didn’t see what it was but had to be pretty good size…

My Penn 850 Spinner packed with 30# mono was wearing my arms out with the Demon Jig, I have to admit, I was thinking of “other” things while dropping & cranking as hard as I could…
Bendo… Big time, the spool spun so fast, it thru water all around, my face was in the middle of it all.

I Have to say… “Shoots, GOOOOD FUN!!!!”
& they say spinning reels are no good????
After 10 minutes of more take than give, the fish came off, might have been from not keeping tight while the kid “unscrewed” the handle the wrong way? What ever it was….I know where it Lives now…I’ll be Back
We did get a Amberjack on the same reel, same day, same spot, same Demon jig that was over 35 lbs. No comparison…

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