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Subject: Re: Soth Shore Fluke

Fluke south of Long Beach are back in full force! 40' to 70' is were my circle of fishing buddies have hit em and hit em good. Monday we had 24 keepers in less that 3 hours all in 50 to 56 feet. Fluke belly was the key. Also on the way back home in the West end on Long Beach near the fire house we saw some bait action and applied a buck tail hoping for a stripper and ended up with a huge 8+ fluke which was beyond our limit so we set the lucky monster back into the bay! Were heading back out to the Glory hole on Saturday for Tuna/Shark if anybody plans to be out in the area that day e-mail me or give us a shout on 68 on "Farski's Fountain" e-mail-

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