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Poster: Xsuitman
Subject: Re: Long Island Fluke Fluke and more Fluke!

First came the first rain in weeks then a full moon tide and all the reports about the fish disappearing! Well, there back in full force and big! We set out on the 23'Savage Robalo Wednesday 7/31 of Long Beach and started our drifts off the West end in 45 to 55' of water and did OK then we headed east out near the Cholera Banks to 65' water. Our first fish to hit the deck was a nice 5lb flatie and pretty good action consistently on 19 to 20" fish then we hit the hole north of were we started and 3 fish 7lb 7 and 3/4 and then the prize fish 10 1/2 lbs. We limited out with whoppers in 3 hours. Also the blue fish were exploding all around from the inlet to the 65' grounds and we played catch and release on super light tackle for a while and kept 10 for this Fridays off shore Shark/Tuna trip. This is the best fluke season I have ever experienced in the Ocean for doormats its almost a given you'll catch a 5 plus pounder. Now with a little luck we'll get some Tuna action around here! Be safe out there!

Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

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