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Poster: Xsuitman
Subject: Re: Chicken Canyon to the Texas Tower for Tuna/ Shark

We took out the Farski's Fountain out to the center of the Chicken Canyon on Friday to hit 1 small Mahi immediately on the lobster pot just to have it dropped getting snagged on the out rigger! The green water is just overwhelmingly there. We trolled from 6am till 11am from the chicken to the Texas Tower and back nothing but huge blue fish ripping and tearing up our riggs. So once we were back at the pots were the Mahi was dropped we set up for Shark. We fished till 2:20 and we were only attacked by more Blue fish. Terrible water for the NY/NJ north area. But we did hear some promising reports on the radio for the boats that were south of us at the West wall of the Canyon and Yellow Fin were being caught. Were the hell are those south and south east winds we need so badly???? Well, our next trip this week is for Shark a bit more inshore so we'll catch up with everyone by the weekend.We have confirmed reports of plenty of small Mako and Thresher Shark within 12 Miles out of Jones inlet out to the 30 fathom curve. Be safe out there!

Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

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