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Poster: FlyGuy
Subject: Re: Gheenoe


I have a used RIVER HAWK B-60 for sale in Atlanta. It has navigation lights, bilge pump, trolling motor wiring/connector, electrical panel, swivel seat, & battery box. It's in good condition and ready to fish. Paddle it, or power it with a trolling motor or outboard motor. 15'2" with a 60" beam - extremely stable. $700 w/o trailer or $1,399 with a brand new galvanized trailer. I can email photos.

I'm selling it to buy a new RIVER HAWK B-60 Kingfish Edition boat with elevated front and rear decks for stand-up fly fishing from: in Atlanta.

RIVER HAWK boats are built just outside Atlanta. They build 4 models of the B-60 (60" wide) hull: B-60, B-60 Duck Boat, B-60 Pro Caster, & B-60 Kingfish Edition. These boats are wide, roomy and extremely stable for sit-down or stand-up fishing or hunting. No one else, including Gheenoe, builds a boat like this that's 60" wide. Gheenoe's widest boats are 55".

Any of the RIVER HAWK B-60 boats will make you smile. And isn't that why we go fishing?


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