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Subject: Re: any storytellers?

Re: any storytellers? [Post#: 303 / re: 299 ] I remember coming to Destin years ago, as a tourist, in the mid 60's. I was always fishing or snorkeling in the local waters, bridge, the old Crystal Beach Pier(only a few pilings left), and had good success at catching a bunch of blue crabs. My Dad said that he heard they were good to eat, so we boiled those crabs and sat down for a real feast. As we viewed out potential dinner, we began to disect the critters and ate the claws first. The flesh was soft, succulent and quite delicious. My Dad indicated that he had heard that there was more meat in the body of the crab so we proceeded to break open the main body. Inside the crab was an array of various body parts, none of which we had the slightest clue of which to consume. We decided that the covering on either side of the main body must be the meat. This stuff was dark and kind of fiberous looking and we all took a bite at more or less the same time. In unison we all spit the material out and decided not to eat any of what we thought was the body meat of the crab. "How'd it taste to you," my Dad inquired, "Very bitter and NASTY," I replied....Well turns out we were eating the d_mn gills and later found out how to get to the meat in the shell.....Years later we still laugh at our Stupid Tourist Antics.......I love Destin and have been coming to the area since the early 60's when I was just about 14....Now I bring my son to Destin and try to share with him the wonders and excitement of the the sons picture is posted at the entrance of the Indian Mound Museum in Ft. Walton Beach...he is standing with a friend by the smallest Police Station in the world at Carrabelle, Florida, which is further east on the panhandle...Thanks for letting me share my story...CYA

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