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Poster: bfast
Subject: Re: STELLWAGEN BANK,MA- Cod Fishing 3/19

STELLWAGEN BANK, MA- Cod Fishing- 3/16

The gale winds finally relented on Friday providing the first opportunity to fish the bank inside a week. Karl Cantillo and friends from Amityville, NY fished with Capt. Tim on ALLIE, making this his second pilgrimage to Stellwagen this season. Dennis Skipper’s group from Union, NJ fished on B-Fast’s DECISIVE, while Jim Brown’s group fished on the JANET B with Capt. Tom and Joe. One of the more common mishaps encountered by vessels navigating our coastal waters, befell the JANET B on the way to the bank on Friday. Flotsam was the culprit—a length of black poly-rope wrapped the wheel. Most skipper’s, yours truly included, would have limped back to port in search of a diver. Joe, an experienced diver in his own right, effected a rather ingenious remedy. Donning a survival suit and mask, he braved the 40 degree Atlantic clearing the wheel of its encumbrances and saving the day for Jim’s Charter. Thank you, Joe. All three charters found excellent fishing in 100-150ft. on Stellwagen’s shoal-water. Jigs and teasers were once again the ticket used to fill the coolers with cod from 6 to 15 pounds. Saturday 3/17, Dominic Bulone (Amity Harbor, NY), Dennis Cataldo (Baldwin, NY) and Steve Lally (Staten Island, NY) are fishing on a "Split-Charter" on the DECISIVE. The Gilbert Belez group Of Perth Amboy, NJ had the coolers full to the maximum on the JANET B by 11:00 am and Mark Walker’s group of Landing, NJ on the SASHAMY with Capt. Doug was having similar results. The wind held off on Sunday allowing Pepe Leyva’s group form Boston,MA and Jason Zutut’s Group from Marion,MA to fill there coolers with cod fillets while fishing the JANET B and DECISIVE.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

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