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12/28/03 03:06 AM
looking for support [Post#: 1396 ] Reply to this post

hi, my name is brian and i am lookng for some help with a new fishing club i am trying to start. let me tell you why i am starting it. i use to be a drug user and my life evolved around it, until a year ago i was arrested and spent a week in jail. while i was sitting there waiting another inmate gave me some fishing magazines and that was the beginning of my recovery. i had never fished before and relized it was the answer to ridding myself of drugs. well i have other friends still on drugs and they think it will be great to start a club to help others get off drugs the way i did. well, fishing brought alot of happiness to my family as well as to myself and i want to share that with others. my biggest problem is funds, resoarces, and ideas. most of the people i have talk to so far have fished very little or not at all. i have only been fishing for a year so i am still learning myself. i have been sending out e-mails looking for anyone who would donate any equipment, publications, books, even ideas, anything that we as a club can benifit from. if you feel you have some unwanted fishing gear, old fishing magazines, books on fishing, or anything of that nature that you would like to part with and would like to send, please e-mail me at
any thing you can send would be greatly appreciated and could help change the path of drugs to the path offishing. it worked for me and i know it work for others. please e-mail me with any questions, comments, ideas or feedback.
thank you for taking the time to read this.


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