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4/4/01 04:19 PM
Skunked [Post#: 161 ] Reply to this post

We have been comming to Destin for three years and pier or shore fishing with good success. Last year we brough our boat and went a couple of miles off shore and caught NOTHING in five days. Our boat does not have down riggers could this be the problem. We are comming again in July and would enjoy any tips.

Jeff Hobbs
4/5/01 04:00 PM
Re: Skunked new [Post#: 163 / re: 161 ] Reply to this post

What are you fishing for? If bottom fishing, use the reef coordinates on the web site to find man made reefs.
If trolling, it depends on what your after. You may need to go further out or troll the shore.
Watch the other boats and listen on the radio to find hot spots. Many captains will talk to each other and
discuss what and where the fish are.

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