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7/19/01 12:22 PM
"recent fishing stories" [Post#: 348 ] Reply to this post

"recent fishing stories"...any good "recent" fishing stories generated from local fisher persons(politically correct???)....especially from charter or bridge fishing...I will be watching for an update and soon to be on collect my own....Watch out fer me!!!!!!!

7/19/01 06:35 PM
Re: "recent fishing stories" new [Post#: 351 / re: 348 ] Reply to this post

While fishing on the end of the east jetties I cast out a live pin fish about hand size....I was using an open face spinning rod with about 30# test line...Shortly after I had cast I had a tremendous bite....The line began to pull out into the deep water and heavy current in the middle of the pass....I struggled to set my drag and prepared for the fight...After about one hour i began to think that I had been fighting a rock or a snag, but the line began to move out again, this time heading directly for my position on the slippery rocks. I retrieved line as fast as I could and saw a large dark object about 10 feet in length approach my position. A huge tan colored shark rolled past me and exposed its huge razor sharp teeth. I had been fighting this monster for quite some time and decided to cut the line and let this monster return to the deep...Watch out all you snorkelers from the Kokomo Dive boat this fish looked hungry!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Until we meet again........CYA

5/14/02 09:20 AM
Re: "recent fishing stories" new [Post#: 756 / re: 351 ] Reply to this post

Did you think it would bite you

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