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8/6/03 04:16 PM
carp fishing in Mass. [Post#: 1265 ] Reply to this post

Anyone out there having any luck catching Carp in the south
eastern section of Mass. I have tried the Charles River and
the Taunton River with no luck. Thirty years ago Carp were everywhere. Now I can't seem to find any. Anyone out there have any advice??

9/9/05 11:59 AM
Re: carp fishing in Mass. new [Post#: 2034 / re: 1265 ] Reply to this post

Ya, go to Russia - or Canada.

7/2/08 09:52 PM
Re: carp fishing in Mass. new [Post#: 2678 / re: 1265 ] Reply to this post

I'm on the middleboro/Taunton line and caught a 3pd carp looked like a big shinner. was late at nite too!

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