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3/19/01 04:15 AM
Pinnacle Reels [Post#: 142 ] Reply to this post

I recently purchased a Pinnacle bait caster at a sports show and would like some back round info as it is not listed in any catalogs I have. It is Model YCZ10,3 ball bearing,high speed 6.3:1. I am interested in retail value and where it was marketed. Thanks.Bryan Doty

3/21/01 03:43 AM
Re: Pinnacle Reels new [Post#: 146 / re: 142 ] Reply to this post

good luck with warranty! I tried to git my dead bolt spinning reel fixed through them and had no luck (out 80 bucks). So i would send in any info they require to help yourself out. Good luck with the reel!

4/22/01 05:51 PM
Re: Pinnacle Reels new [Post#: 198 / re: 142 ] Reply to this post

You can contact silstar since they are the distributors for pinnacle reels and rods.

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