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Lees Ferry
10/24/00 10:19 PM
Fall Fishing @ Lees Ferry [Post#: 15 ] Reply to this post

Colorado River at Lee's Ferry
October 24, 2000

River Level: Monday-Friday 6,750 cfs. mornings then peaking to 12,800 cfs. Sat/Sun the highs between 10,500 to 11,000 cfs.

Hatches: The primary hatch here is the midge. Some people say they have documented 40 some species. We don't dispute that, but we successfully fish all year with a white wing black midge and a few grays size 18 and 22. Fish these flies below a variety of stimulators. One of our favorites is the "royal wuff".

Fly Patterns: Drys and beadhead pheasant tails with large stimulators & dry dropper early in the day then switch when bite goes deep. Fishing nothing less than 9ft of leader. We like a 5X leader 9' splice on 12' of 6X for stimulator then to 12" - 16" or 7X for dry dropper. If conditions get windy, go back to your 5X and punch out some streamers.

Bring a full sink line (medium sink) a full sink has a smoother castability than a sink tip. Although, Cortland's 444 15-20' sink tips are very smooth with excellent balance.

14-Day Forecast: A cold front approaching the weekend of 10/21/22 through Wednesday 10/25/00. Lows in the 30's Highs low 60's. This could jump start the spawn run on fish!!!

Fish all the above until the spawning "turns on" (this should be soon) then fish an orange San Juan worm and egg dropper on 10-12' leaders. Lees Ferry is a very forgiving River - 99% of the time (all year) but it can get "sketchy" during experimental flows. It is going to be a terrific Fall & Winter Season.

Other Information: SALT CEDAR (TAMARISK) ENVIRONMENTAL BACKLASH The Good News: The new trees will provide a new boundary of erosion barrier that was taken away by the experimental spike flows that Babbitt allowed 4 years ago in April. It was theorized to be a restoration flood to restore the beaches and bring new life to the Colorado River. Instead, it stripped the natural food chain off the river bottom, widened the river channel from the sudden rise in water where the tamarisk were washed away. You now have a bare bank of soft old river sediment. The "new tams" if the allowed a foot hold in the beach area, below the existing banks, will establish a strong foot hold and start a new line of defense against more erosion.

Many of the environmental groups want all the "tams" out why? Because they are not indigeneous to this country (I hope they don't find out that most of our for-fathers came from another country?). They have also taken over where there were once Willows. The "tams" which is a more prolific tree and therefore stronger, have won the battle against the Willows. They provide a thicker base which the birds and local wildlife thrive on: Beaver, porcupine, fox dens, around 140 varieties of birds visit the Glen Canyon area yearly with some staying year round. Do they require alot of water? Yes, what trees that thrive on river banks does not. The real bad news is that the Political Climate where people are trying to go backwards to make earth like it was before, 12 billion people moved in.

We better wake up and smell the roses, or better yet in the Spring, smell the "tams". It is a wonderful lavender aroma. Angler Solution: Where "tams" are taking over and creating a new tree line and/or mini-forest on gravel bars, you are just going to have to fish in front of them just like the ones that are all ready there. The fish and wildlife will adapt to the intrusion and make it work. So won't the angler who truly understands what conservation really means - Common Sense

This report Submitted by Bill McBurney
Ambassador Guide Services, Inc.
Bill McBurney Ambassador Guide Services @ Lees Ferry & Lake Powell Serving the area for over 20 Years

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