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Jimmy Everett
7/22/04 10:39 PM
Lake Fork [Post#: 1640 ] Reply to this post

The bass fishing is still good on Fork with the better fishing coming in the afternoon. The top water bite has picked up a little in certain places. The water temp is still in the mid to upper 80s with water in the creeks getting up to mid 90s in the afternoon.
If your a topwater person then the topwater bite is coming back but not enough for me unless my client says thats what they want. Most of the bites Im getting are coming in the back of creekss where ther is alot of grass present. Best if you can find some that is matted up. If you find this type of water try throwing a tournament moss master frog or a 10" worm with no weight. Throw these baits in the thickest slop you can and let them sit over any holes in the grass you come across. The color of the baits hasnt been a big deal because the fish only have a split second to see it before they hit it in the grass. This should draw strikes untill around 9am or sounless there is cloud cover present.
If your like me I dont really top water fish unless the fish are on it good. I have been starting in 20 feet of water and staying between 20-30 feet all day. There are a few baits that will work all summer and the patterns dont change much because the weather and water temps dont change much. I have been fishing a carolina rig baby lake fork creature the last couple days with good catches. Watermelon with the tail dyed in chartruse has been my color of choice. The other baits I have caught good fish on is a storm wildeye swim bait in pearl. Fish the pearl 4" with a paddle tail. Rip these baits off the bottom and let it swing back to you. These baits have also caught good schooling fish when you find schooloing fish over 10" long. Last but not least is a Jig in 1/2oz. The best jig I have found is strikework inc. jig( I have caught good fish on black/blue and black,pumpkin green flake, and chartruse. Fish these baits on the bottom like a texas rig or swim the jig for suspended fish. Remember stay deep for the big ones. One last thing is that out deep pay attention to your graph for suspended fish or fish on the bottom. You can catch both but find out what your fishing for, that will help you determine the bait to use. If your electronics arnt geat try deep spots and when your done with your cast reel it in slow. If you start catching fish on the reel up the fish are suspended.
If youd like to come out to Lake Fork to try some of those deep bass give me a call at 903-765-3980 or visit to book a trip.
Thank you and good luck
Guide Jimmy Everett

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