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Jimmy Everett
8/26/04 07:56 PM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1693 ] Reply to this post

The bass fishing on Lake Fork has been pretty steady lately. The water temp is in the low to mid 80s. The sun has been coming out and the air temp is getting to and above 95 degrees. The last couple of days the wind has been very bad with it being hard to fish some spots on the main lake.
The fishing has changed a little bit with the water temps being so low for this time of year. I am starting out with a storm chug bug (shad color) around grass and trees on main lake points. Fish these baits at a medium speed around all the cover you can find. Make sure you keep a senko rigged up beside you in case a fish misses your chug bug. When this happens throw the weightless senko right behind the swirl and work it back slow. Color hasnt seemed to matter. Im fishing them in 2-6 feet of water untill the sun gets out and starts to get warm. Once the bite slows down I am kicking out to the out side grass lines in 10-16 feet of water on main lake humps, points, and ridges. On the edges of the grass try throwing a drop shot with a 1 1/2 to 2 feet leader and a 4" senko (watermelon) rigged wacky style on the hook. Fish this slow hopping and dragging it in and out of the grass. If this dosent produce fish try fishing the same areas with a carolina rigged 7" zoom mag 2 worm ( blueberry, watermelon, or green pumpkin). Fish these slow around the grass edges with a 3 to 4 foot leader. You can also catch good fish on a strike works finesse jig in black/blue with a flippin bue zoom swimming chunk. Fish these slow around the grass edges and swim it back to the boat.
As the day starts to come to an end around 5pm or so switch to a texas rigged 10" zoom ol monster worm in blueberry or plum and fish it till dark in and around grass beds on the main lake. Fish it slow and stay in contact with your bait.
If you where fishing for big fish only I would fish the 10" zoom ol monster on a texas rig in 15-25 feet of water all day but this a slower bite and some people cant throw a bait all day with only 7 or 8 bites. This is the way for the monster fish.
I still have dates open for this summer and fall. If you are interested in booking a trip with me on Lake Fork give me call at 903-765-3980 or visit me at
Thank you
Jimmy Everett

Skeeter, Yamaha, Strike Works (, Axton Bass City,
Fun-n-Sun sporting centers

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