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Jimmy Everett
10/3/04 03:31 AM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1747 ] Reply to this post

Well since the Mcdonalds Tournament Lake Fork has been very steady with good days (20-25 fish) and a few great days (40 fish) mixed in. The bass are from very shallow to way out deep and from the creeks to the humps. Right now you can kind of pick how you like to fish. The water temp is right around 80 degrees in the middle of the day and a few degrees cooler in the morning. Now the air temp is pretty cold in the morning so if your headed to the lake make sure you bundle up in the morning and wear something cool for in the afternoons when it gets hot.
Now for the baits and patterns that have been producing for me. Their are so many so I am going to break it down for whats working in shallow water and then whats working out deep for me. For the shallow water (under 10 feet deep) bite the best bait has been a 5" Gary Yomamoto Senko or a strike stike. The best colors have been black/blue or watermelon. I have been fishing these around grass, pads, and timber. Fish them texas rigged with a 4/0 hook and no weight. The slower you can use it the better it seems. The other productive baits have been 1/4oz chrome blue spin traps (rat-l-trap) fished steady over main lake grass beds, texas rigged 7" junebug and blue fleck power worms on the edges of grass and creek bends, and zoom trick worm in pumkin/chart or watermelon/red fished wacky style overgrass and edges of grass. All of these baits will produce numbers of fish in case the deep bite gets slow.
Now for my cup of tea the deep water fishing. I have had some nice fish around and a little over 8lbs this week coming on carolina rigged blueberry Zoom Ol' Monster worms and watermelon candy baby lake fork creatures and a Strike Work Tackle 1/2oz Black/blue wood jig with a matching trailer. I have been fishing these baits on main lake humps and points in 18-26 feet of water. Agian I am fishing these very slow. Look for points and humps that have alot of underwater cover, these seem to be the best. Fishing in deep water can be very slow at points but stay with it because it can be very worth while when you catch a big fish. Out in this deep of water Im looking for the share a lunker fish that are not going to be in 10 feet of water or less right now.
Also if you want to catch a ton of small 10-12 inch fish, fish around the bridges and pitch a 4 inch senko in any shad color. Fish it with no weight texas rigged. Just go in and out around the bridge flippng these baits and letting them fall for 10 to 12 sec. and then give it a twitch let it sit for a sec or two and reel it on in and flip it back out. and if you catch 1 there are most likely more in that small area you just caught that one from.
I still have some open dates in October if you are interested in booking a guide trip on Lake Fork. To reach me call me at 903-765-3980 or visit me at and shoot me an email.

Good luck and be safe on the water.
Jimmy Everett

Skeeter, Yamaha, Strike Works Inc., Axtons Bass City, Fun-N-Sun Sporting Centers

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