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Jimmy Everett
10/13/04 08:28 PM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1756 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been pretty good in the last week with 25-30 fish a day being a good average for a full day of fishing. The lake looks good all around as far as water clarity and the overall condition of the lake. There are a fish scattered from deep to shallow and baitfish all over the lake. Almost all the fish Im catching have been on amin lake and not in the creeks. The creeks are full of shad but the fish havent seemed to move in very good yet but that should change with the cold weather coming in.

My best bite is coming early in the morning in the first hour and half. The bass are very shallow and extremly agressive. The best baits have been a Gary Yomamoto Senko or Wave Worm in black/blue fleck or watermelon/black fleck. Fish these in 2-6 feet on any main lake grass beds, lilly pads, or shallow timber. There is no need to fish these very slow because the fish will jump all over these. In the morning the fish are ranging from 1-5 pounds. These are great if anyone has some tournaments coming up because there are a lot of good under fish up there to be caught. After the shallow bite slows down you have a choice to get out in deep water or pound the grass all day. By staying in the grass I think you will catch more fish but the average size will be smaller. If you are a shallow water fishermen fish chrome blue traps and senkos in and around the grass in 4-10 feet all day.

If you like deep water like myself it has been up and down as far as the bite goes. Most of the fish are on main lake points, humps, and ridges in 20-30 feet of water. Watch your graph close for bait fish as they are starting to pile up out deep. If you find them piled up throw out a bouy and fish em out of there. One thing to watch for is barfish. These fish will also chase the shad around so if you find a school stay in them untill you feel you have covered that area very well. The most productive baits have been carolina rigged Zoom Ol' Mosters in plum or blueberry, watermelon or blue brusier lake fork baby ring fry, or a pumpkin/chart. tail V&m 6" lizard. these are the baits I have been throwing in the last couple of days to take out some of the deep fish. Other baits that will work are T.O. tail spinners in 1/2 oz and dropshotting a 4" senko or wave worm in shad or watermelon colors or a tiki drop in the same colors. Pay attention to the barfish when you sre throwing these, They will tear it up but dont set the hook on them untill you feel a more solid hit from a bass or you will be catching barfish and thats it. Thats why I dont throw alot of spoons or tailkickers any more is because 99% of the fish you catch wil be barfish. If thats what your fishing for then its really fun but I dont try to go out to catch barfish on my trips. So fish more of your baits that are plastic or a little bigger in size so you wont catch the barfish but they will still hit and sometimes trigger bites from bass to come and take it away from them.

I hope this report helps all who are coming to Lake Fork and If you would like to book a trip for some great fall fishing I still have some October and November days open so give me a call 903-765-3980 or visit and email me.

Thank you and be safe on the water ( Bring an extra pair of clothes with you in case you fall out of the boat. This is not a time of year to do this and not have warm clothes in the boat. I know from Experince)
Jimmy Everett

Skeeter, Yamaha, Strke Works Tackle, Axtons Bass City, Fun-N-Sun Sporting Centers

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