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Jimmy Everett
11/8/04 01:13 AM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1777 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been good to great over the last week or more. The water temp is from 68 to 71 degrees. With the cold nights the water should continue to drop and fishing should only get better. The water is clear with the visibility to 4 feet or more in some places. The average day is producing anywhere from 25 to 35 fish and a few days more and less but that seems to be a good average.

The shallow bite seems to be alot better in the afternoon then the morning. From about noon on you can find fish around the first half of most coves in the grass. I have been catching these fish with a watermelon/red zoom Fluke with a chart. dyed tail. Fish these texas rigged with no weight in and around the grass in 3-8 feet of water. The greener the grass the better. Also over the last few days I have started catching a few fish flipping a watermelon/red STRIKE WORKS wood jig with a zoom watermelon super chunk with the tips dyed in chart. Flip the jigs to stading timber in the mouth of creeks in 6 to 12 feet of water. Make sure you have a heavy rod and big line cause these fish are tough. The key seems to be keep moving and covering water with the jigs. I will say that this strike work jigs are great and will say they are the only jigs I will be using. I havent spent alot of time in shallow water lately because the deep bite has been so good once you find them.

Now for my favorite Deep Water fishing. Almost all of my fish are coming on main lake ridges, humps, and road beds. The only thing I have tied on is carolina rigs. I have had the best luck on watermelon/red flukes with the tail dyed in chartruse. That has been on 2 of the 3 carolina rigs. I have on my deck. I have used 8 packs of these in 3 days. I have also caught a few fish throwing watermelon 6" V&M lizards and Zoom baby brush hogs in pumpkin/chart tail. The main thing is finding the fish. Once you find the fish you can sit in the same spot all day and catch fish at a good pace. If you catch fish in an area and they seem to shut down start fan casting in diffrent areas where you caught your fish till you find them agian. One last thing if you come to Lake Fork to catch more bass than barfish leave your spoons and tailkickers at home.

Hope this helps all coming to Fork over the next week. I still have some November dates open and December dates open. So if you are interested in booking a trip give me a call at 903-765-3980 or visit my website at and email me from there.

Guide Jimmy Everett

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