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Jimmy Everett
12/1/04 03:54 PM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1802 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork has been pretty steady right now. The average days catch is ranging from 25-30 bass a day. All the weather we have had recently has messed up those 60 fish days for right now. The lake is looking great and the watertemps. are still getting in to the low 60s during the day. There have been fish scattered from deep to shallow and you can pretty much catch fish where you want toas far as depth goes. My best catches have been coming out deep but shallow fish are still to be caught.

For the shallow bite I have been throwing 2 baits. I have been fishing them in different kinds of places so I will tell you what I have been throwing and explain the depth and cover for each bait. The first is a weightless Zoom Super Fluke in watermelon or watermelon/red. Always dye the tail in chartruse garlic dye. I have been fishing these on a weightless texas rig with a 4/0 hook. I am working these baits in 3-8 feet of water in the biggest patches of grass I can find. Just find a bank with some good grass and work the fluke with a slow twitch and stop thru the thickest part. Let the bait fall in every hole you can and pay attention to your line. Second has been the better shallow bite I have had. It is taking a 1/2 oz watermelon/red or black/blue Strike Works Wood Jig ( with a matching trailer. I have been fipping these baits from 6-12 feet of water around anything you can find. The best places have been about halfway back in creeks. There seems to be alot of fish in that area. The better places have been around docks and stumps that are up agianst the outside grass line. Keep moving with these baits. I flip Strike Works Jig to each peice of cover let the bait fall vertical with the cover. Let it hit the bottom and give it a little shake and stop then another shake and stop then pull it out and go to the next cover. If you havent tried a Strike Works Jig ( I would say to defenitly try a few out. You wont go back to another jig. I havent and wont.

For the deep bite which is my game I have been carolina rigging roadbeds, Humps, and deep creek channels. I have been fishing the carolina rig from 20-25 feet for the most part. I have been only throwing a few baits because they are producing fish and there is no need to switch. I believe right now if you just get in to the bass you can catch them on most plastic baits carolina rigged. I have been rigging up with a Zoom Super Fluke in watermelon/red or watermelon. Agian dying the tail in chart. garlic dye. I have also been throwing a 6" Gary Yomamoto Lizard in watermelon with a dyed tail. Fish these baits on a 4 to 5 foot leader. Fish them at a decent pase. Speed up and slow down and let the fish tell you how they want it. Pay attention when you reel your bait up from the deep water to make another cast. Reel it slow and if you catch some bass reeling it up then alot of the time the fish are suspended. When this happens get a couple packs of Gary Yomamoto 1/4oz round jig heads. (because they have a good 3/0 hook) and a pack or two of his 4" grubs or small fat ikas in shad color. Take these baits and thow them out and let them hit the bottom. Take your rod tip and point it towards the water and reel very slow just letting the bait swim back to you. This will get those suspended fish better than anything.

One last tip is that the fish in the south end seem to get in the deep creeks right before dark. You have an hour or an hour and ahalf to get these fish. When the really come thru the creek you can have a ball. Something to think about.

Also if your looking for a new or used boat this is a good time to get a good deal on one. You should give Paul Morales a call From Fun-N-Sun at 817-279-1991 tell him I sent you. Paul is a real good guy and will do everything he can to get you that new Skeeter, Ranger, or any other boat they have.

I have been booking alot of trips from Febuary thru May. So to get the dates you want it is never to early to book your trip. I also still have some late December dates and January dates still open if you would like to book a trip. You can reach me at 903-765-3980 or visit me at and email me.

Good luck on the water


Skeeter, Yamaha, Strike works Inc., Axtons Bass City, Fun-N-Sun, Freindly Custom Rods

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