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Jimmy Everett
2/14/05 01:39 AM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1856 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork fishing has been very steady over the last few weeks with bass up to 9lbs being put in the boat. The water temp. is still a chilly 49-51 degrees but this hasn’t seemed to affect the bass very much in my opinion. The number of fish being put in my boat isn’t what it was during the fall but I’m am still getting good numbers of fish daily. Quality seems to be a bigger part then quantity. Most of my fish are still coming from shallow water but I have found a few fish starting to stack up on humps just inside major creeks. These are fish that seem to be starting to stage to come up for the spawn when the water temp. goes up.

My shallow water bite has continued to be better and most of my fish are still coming in on ½ oz lipless vibrating crank baits in crawfish patterns. Orange is a must somewhere in this bait right now. Even if it is just a small amount I like a little orange. It is mostly a mind thing but why switch what they are hitting on right? Fish this bait over any grass beds from main lake to the back of creeks. The best depth has been from 3-8 feet working the bait fast over the shallow grass and slowing down as you get deeper. Also try ripping your bait in and out of the grass. Play around with your retrieves and let the fish tell you how they want it. Today most of our fish came in the creeks but the 25mph wind didn’t help us out. Other good baits that are producing in shallow water for me have been a ½ oz chart./white spinner bait with double willow leaf blades and a Senko type bait fished weightless in watermelon or watermelon/red. Fish these other baits in the same places as the trap. Grass will play a big key in a fisherman’s success at Fork this time of year. Not to say you cant catch them out of the grass but it really helps to have some present in the area you are fishing.

For the deeper water fish I’m finding they have been located on humps and deep creek bends around 14-20 feet. My best presentations have been a ½ oz black/blue Strike Works Inc. wood jig with a matching craw as a trailer and a 8” green pumpkin or black lizard Carolina rigged with a 4 to 5 foot leader. Fish these baits very slow over the humps and creek channels. Stay in good contact with your bait because many of the bites will be light. I am throwing a 1oz weight which helps keep me in contact with the bait. If you can find some brush around the hump or creek make sure to fish it well because that’s where most of my bites are coming from. This bite has been very off and on and hasn’t been an everyday thing. Keep that in mind while fishing deep water this time of year. Be versatile for deep and shallow water fishing.

Hope this will get those coming to Fork a good shot at hammering a fish of a life time. If you are coming to Fork and would like a guide I still have some dates open for February. Also this is a great time to book a trip on Lake Fork for spring time fishing. Book now for the best available dates as I am filling up very fast. I can be reached at 903-765-3980 or 903-216-1867. Or visit my web site and email me from there. WWW.FISHINLAKEFORK.COM

Good luck and be safe on the water
Jimmy Everett

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