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Jimmy Everett
2/22/05 01:16 PM
Lake Fork Report [Post#: 1865 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork fishing was great over the last couple of days excluding Sunday which seemed to be tough for many people on the lake. I have had fish boated up to 9.2lbs this last week. We have some cooler weather coming in now which will drop the water temp back down a tad I’m sure. The fish have been very active over the grass on main lake and grass in the coves. I found water temps the last 2 days that was 60 degrees. The better fishing has seemed to be in the water temp of 54 to 55 degrees which is what is on the main lake. The back of the creeks are really starting to warm up but I expect the temps to drop like I said with the new presents of the cooler weather. This is still one of the better times to boat a big fish so get out on the water as much as you possible can.

My go to bait has still been a 5/8 oz or 3/4 oz. Lipless vibrating crank baits. These baits will produce many fish and will continue to one of the better baits. If your looking for numbers and possible a big one throw the smaller 5/8 oz. bait. If your looking for that wall hanger stick to the larger three quarter oz bait. I watched a 13.65lb bass get weighed in on a few days ago. Keep These baits on a steady retrieve over grass beds (3-8 feet) on the main lake or inside any creeks. Also when your trap get stuck in the grass rip it out and keep reeling a lot of times that will trigger a bite. A spinner bait will also catch its fair share of fish. I like to fish a 1/2 oz. spinner bait with double willow or tandem blades with a blades in silver/gold or all gold. My best colors will continue to be red and white/chart. Fish these baits in the same places as the trap (1-8 feet) but with a spinner bait it lets you work the very shallow cover unlike the trap as it will get stuck in the very shallow grass. If both of these baits don’t produce then its time to slow down. These presentations are easier when there isn’t much wind. The first will be a Gary Yamamoto 5 inch Senko or a Zoom Super Fluke. Fish these weightless through the grass very slow. Make long pauses in between your twitches and watch your line for the bite as it can be very light. My other will be almost always for a big fish but can put fish in the boat when all else fails. Yep a Jig. My favorite is 1/2 oz Strike Works Wood Jig. The best colors will be Black/Blue, Watermelon/Red, and Watermelon Candy. Match a Gary Yamamoto Craw and you have a deadly combination. Flip these baits in any creeks you can get into. Flip to every piece of structure such as grass, trees, docks, creek channel edges, and lilly pad steams. Use heavy line a stiff rod and pay attention when fishing the jig.

I have not been on a good deep water bite just yet. With the spawn coming up it will be a little while before I head back out to my deep water spots. So stay tuned for on later reports for some deep water fishing.

I still have some scattered dates left in March and April so if your interested in taking a trip to Lake Fork on a great guide trip give me a call at 903-765-3980 or visit me on the web at and email me through the site.

Have a great time on the lake, good luck, and be safe
Jimmy Everett’s Lake Fork Guide Service

Fun-N-Sun "ELITE FLEET", Skeeter, Yamaha, Axtons Bass City, Strike Works Tackle

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