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Jimmy Everett
4/20/05 02:23 AM
Lake Fork Report With Pics [Post#: 1930 ] Reply to this post

Lake Fork fishing continues to be good with good numbers and good size being put in the boat almost daily. The lake level is a tad above normal pool which is not affecting the spawn except making the very back of some creeks a little off colored. The water temp has bee staying around 67 degrees for the last few days and the clouds the moved in have made the fish turn on even in the wind. The clouds look like they are suppose to be here for a while and should make the next week a great week to be out on the water. Look for the bass to turn on inside of the grass beds.

I will continue to fish shallow until the deep water bite becomes a lot better. The bass are spawning as I type and should continue to spawn for the next few weeks. You will be able to catch bass on a wide variety of baits and techniques thru out the next few weeks. There will still be fish on the beds and my best presentation over the last few weeks has been a white tube from 4”to 4.5” in length. Flip these baits on a 3/8oz weight to the back of the bed and work it very slow thru the bed. A good pair of polarized sunglasses are a must. Even on cloudy days you can see beds if you use a vermilion or amber colored lenses in your sunglasses. When clouds are present most will abandoned bed fish which will take some pressure off the fish and make them a little easier to catch.

For those who aren’t bed fishing my ol’ spring stand by swimming a lizard in watermelon or watermelon/green with a 1/16th oz weight will continue to put fish in the boat especially on cloudy days. Swim these baits like a ratltrap right over the grass but don’t let your bait hit the top of the water. On those bright sunny days try fishing a watermelon/red senko. Fish them in the grass wacky style or Texas rigged with no weight. Fish these baits very slow in and out of the holes in the grass. If this fails to put fish in the boat try Carolina rigging a watermelon/red or black/blue senko or centipede. Fish these baits slow around any cover you can find in creek channels or outside grass lines that lead in to spawning areas. Keep in contact with your bait at all times and be ready this will put some really big fish in the boat this time of year. Also a ½ oz watermelon/red or black/blue strike works wood jig with a matching craw in the same areas as the Carolina rig will put good fish in the boat

I still have April 28th open and dates open in May and June for those interested in taking a trip to Lake Fork for some exciting bass fishing. I can be reached at 903-765-3980 or 903-216-1867. You can also visit my web site and email me from there.

Good luck on the lake and be safe
Jimmy Everett

Skeeter, Yamaha, Strike Works Tackle, Axton’s Bass City, and Fun-N-Sun “ELITE FLEET” or all your boating needs call 1-817-279-1991 or 817-641-2416. If your interested in any line of boats that fun-n-sun carries give me a call or email me your info and I will send you a card that will get you a small discount on a boat deal.

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