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9/19/06 12:35 PM
Fishing Flies - 60 Flies Free [Post#: 2289 ] Reply to this post

Fliesperdozen Best Sellers offer

If you order any 60 dozen flies (chosen from the best-sellers list below), we'll only charge you for 55 dozen: $190.75 (not including shipping) Shipping Add US$ 30.00

Where else do you get such offers on High quality Products?

Dry Flies:
Royal coachman Dry size 14-16
2 bead Midge Size 12, 14-16
Coachman Dry Size 14-16
Caddis Parachute Size 12-14
Greenwells Glory Size 14-16
Sparkle Dun Grey Size 14-16
Adams Dry Size 12,14-16
Elk hair Caddis Tan size 14,16-20
Elk hair Caddis Black size 14,16-20
Stimulator Tan Size 12,14-16
Stimulator Black Size 12,14-16
Stimulator Yellow Size 12,14-16
Adams Irresistible Size 12,14-16
Callibaetis Dry Size 14-16
Ausable Wulff Size 14-16

Wet Flies:
Alexandra Size 12, 14-16
Blue winged Olive Size 12-14
Blue Dun Size 14
Ginger Quill Size 12-14
Professor Size 14-16
Royal Coachman wet Size 14-16
Zulu Size 14,16-18
March Brown Wet – Size 12,14-16
Coachman wet Size 12-14
Pink Lady Size 12,14-16
Adams Wet Size 12,14-16
Wooly Worm Size 12,14,16-18
Black Gnat Wet 12,14-16
Light Cahill Wet fly Size 10,12-14
Light Cahill Soft hackle Wet fly Size 10,12-14
Light Hendrickson wet Size 12,14-16
Pheasant Tail soft hackle wet Size 12, 14-16
Quill Gordon wet size 12-14
Soft Hackle wet fly 14-16
Sulfur wet fly 14-16

BH pheasant Tail Size 14,16,18-20
Pheasant Tail Size 14,16,18-20
Prince Nymph Size 14,16-18
B.H Prince Nymph Size 14,16-18
Zug Bug Size 14,16-18
B.H Zug Bug Size 14,16-18
Griffith Gnat Size 16.18-20
G.R hares Ear Size 14,16,18,20
B.H G.R hares Ear Size 14,16,18,20
BH. Green Drake Size 14,16,18,20
San Juan Worm Red Size 12-14
B.H San Juan Worm Red Size 12-14
Montana Red Size 14 &16
Montana Black Size 14 &16
Montana Green Size 14 &16
A.P black Nymphs Size 12,14-16
Brassie Size 16,18-20
Caddis Midge Larva – Olive Biot 16,18-20
Chironomid Black Size 16,18-20

To order, please click on the link below and Pay US$ 220.75:

Best Regards,

Perminus Karanja - Click if you are not a paypal member

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