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Paul Keith
1/5/07 11:41 PM
Caddo Lake Report [Post#: 2347 ] Reply to this post

The lake is back to normal levels with the recent rains at 168.75 as of today, normal pool is 168.50. Water temps are ranging from 48-54 degrees and parts of the lake are very muddy while other parts are extremely clear. Most of the north bank areas on the Texas side are clear while more of your open areas are muddy. Most of Jeems Bayou is clear to stained.
Bass are fair to good on a variety of lures. Rattletraps and Cyclone Lightnin' Blades over the open water grass are producing and many times you may find the bass stacked in these areas. Some good Trap colors to try are red and chrome in the clearer water and tequila or gold/orange in the muddier water.
A 1/2 oz. V&M Slippin Jig or brush hog type lure around the cypress in colors of watermelon, black/blue, or black/red have been catching some good sized bass when fished in 3-5 ft. of water.
Crappie are fair but have slowed over the past few weeks, a few are still being caught on chart./red and black/red jigs in the river channel near Johnsons - the water in the channel there is muddy.

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