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7/28/02 04:25 AM
ugly sticks new [Post#: 862 ] Reply to this post

I just purchased another Ugly Stick. This pole was made in China. I will return it because I refuse to support the unfair advantage that the undercompensated labor presents to the American labor force. How long have ugly sticks been made in China? what do I buy to replace it? 6'6" medium duty, for catfish

8/21/02 02:14 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 882 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

If you are going to return the fishing rod because it is made in China what will you replace it with. 90 percent of all rods are made in China or one of it's neighbouring countries.

9/11/02 05:34 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 903 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

I would say to buy a St. Croix fishing Rod. The rods are made in the US at the northern end of Wisconsin. They are of high quality. Before I started flyfishing I was not sure what to buy until I came across a St. Croix rod. Good luck, God bless and fish well.

11/27/02 07:00 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 985 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

welcome to the new world market
i hope you plan on spending over a 100 bucks for a new fishin rod almost over 95% of fishing equipment is made over seas now. usa can not compete with the cheap labor
due to mismanagement and unions

12/9/02 00:23 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 995 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

WHAT is wrong with you ? Don't you know that you will never find a rod like ugly sticks, DO what they say if you break it send it back and get a new one, I have send back three of them because they broken on me I got a new one every time , I couldn't go catfishing with out my ugly sticks and I do a lot of catfishing, THEY are good rod and in the price range where most good rod's cost to much then you don't have the diffent size they have,name one rod company offen same thing.

2/12/03 09:45 PM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1048 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

Go buy another Ugly Stick. You're fishing because you like to fish not because you want to support the USA. Ugly Sticks are a great pole. I have three! Happy fishing...

4/2/03 03:47 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1122 / re: 862 ] Reply to this post

GO FOR PENN!!!!U.S.A Made and the best for under 100 bucks.

4/2/03 03:50 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1123 / re: 985 ] Reply to this post

That is B.S. Cheap labor overseas and corporate GREEED is our biggest enemy. Try a Penn.

4/4/03 08:30 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1126 / re: 882 ] Reply to this post

i think you are right china have there hands in evere thing so y send it back keep it and go fishing and get a big one

4/29/03 09:48 AM
Re: ugly sticks new [Post#: 1149 / re: 1126 ] Reply to this post

I've got a couple, and I haven't had them break yet, I've broken alot of poles, they are extremly durable tough poles. Seems that every time I buy something fishing it always has the words made in China on it. Even the old names like mitchell and garcia are saying it.

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