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8/16/01 11:34 PM
Tarpons , snook but also Bass , Gar and Mojara [Post#: 383 ] Reply to this post

Salt or fresh water???
In our water of South Nicaragua and north Costa Rica we catch fresh water fish Bass. Mojara, lagunero, Gar...but also World class Tarpon ( 80lb to 250lb+ ) and Snook??/
Fishing report #17 # 18 #19
Report From Philippe Tisseaux mail:
Web page: http://www.nicaraguafishing
Preceding fishing reports ( 16 of them ) at:

Report #17 2 days fishing 21 and 22 of July 2001 Nicaragua
We received our guests Tom and Eugene Kennedy at 10 am at the local airport in San Carlos as they where coming from Managua Nicaragua. We drop the luggage at Hotel Leykos and fishing did start around 11 am .
Fishing as been for two full days as on the 23 we also fished for 3 additional hours. I could not be part of the trip this report is done with the information given to me By Augusto my guide and guest Tom Kennedy
In total we report 15 tarpons Hooked 7 or 8 to the boat the biggest around 150lb...also some gars, and a big turtle..!!!??? .Fishing has only been on trolling, Tom suggest us for the future to also fish drifting down Rio San Juan with live bait on a float...For sure we are going to try it again ...We did it successfully in the past using Circle hooks and a relatively Big Sardina or small mojara or Machaca hooked by the mouth... with a float or nothing...This technique is very efficient but only if the tarpon are active ( feeding ) ...If not the lures are better because their vibration do make the tarpon nervous so it will attack this intruder on it’s rest territory..
The only negative point in that trip is than we could not eat any River scrimps as their fishing by local people was a total disaster during these days...Nor a single one in town or in our usual stop in the jungle rivers...

3 day fishing/exploring on San Juan River August 3 to 6
That time hour guests Julie and Fabien from France came by San Jose Costa Rica so we drove to Los Chiles ..their goal was a few fishing and a lot of discovery... Jungle scenery, exuberant vegetation, birds, Wild life .meanwhile Julie had her tarpon 150 lb after a 1 hour fight on 30lb and Fabien had a 200lb and a 130lb also some gars...Fabien did surprise us a lot because he has his two tarpon release in less than 15 mn... one of them was a 200lb??? He confess than he is far from being an experimented angler...he did not put a lot of pressure on the line but Still!! I Wonder? He was fishing on 40lb but??
I also took a small one 80lb on 30lb as I wanted to experiment a new tonic for the next fishing Tournament to be held on the 12/13/14 of September...result has been Ok as in three minutes tarpon was to the boat...and released.
The most pleasant part of the trip for these guest is than we went down river to El Castillo where we did stay for a night.... Hotel is very beautiful there overlooking the river from the balcony of the room you can see the tarpon jumping in the rapids...while having a nice breakfast on white tablecloth . The village is small 300 habitants, it is very clean , very typical there is a very good restaurant...The fortress above the hill is in perfect shape ,the view over san Juan river fantastic...Really a nice hide away.. and a good fishing spot...we will be back there regularly in the coming month specifically for Snook fishing as the season is from September till January/February ...We did not fish for tarpon but they are abundant...problem is than it will be difficult to go lighter than 40lb there due to the presence of the rapids down Dangerous. we will find a solution probably by fishing a miles or two up river...
Also the good news is than River Scrimps are back in San Carlos we had them for dinner...Better than lobster said Julie and she is an expert has she lived long in the Caribbean Islands of St Martin and St Barth...
Julie and Fabien left from San Carlos for Granada using the line ferry a long trip but with stops in Solentiname and Omotepe... Airplane is only 50 mn...

Fishing on the 7th 8th,9th of August.
Our guest came from Granada where they where staying at Hotel Colonial. We received them on the 7th at the airport of San Carlos.5 persons came Lars Andersen, his son Eugene of 14 year old , his wife Maria, Martin Taylor and Brandon Bush so we had to use two boats ..Obviously Julia Brava and a local covered boat more comfortable for the lady than my open sportfishing style boat but this boat did not offer the fishing comfort of Julia Brava…the top was a big problem.. Well we had a lot of tarpon on line , several has been released to the boat... size as usual 100/150lb also Eugene the son of Lars took a very big gar 70/80lb.
The main events of that trip is than Lars Andersen Fishing with Augusto my guide aboard Julia Brava had a monster on line .we figure around 300lb..on 30lb .( AUGUSTO HAD A LOT OF TARPON IN HIS LIFE HE IS 40 YEARS OLD , BORN ON THE RIVER BANKS HE PERFECTLY KNOWS HOW MUCH A TARPON CAN WEIGHT WE ALREADY HAD SEVERAL OVER 200LB....) ) Guests also saw the fish ...on line only 1 minutes one or two jumps and Line 30lb broke as the spool of the reels did turn to fast so a mess of line in the reels...the brake was on, Alarm was on but this fish was really to powerful that day on that rod…......Well next time but what a pity.....

Prediction for the coming weeks....THE GOOD NEW IS ALSO THAN WE CAUGHT OUR FIRST “CALVA” ...NOT BIG BUT THIS IS OUR FIRST SNOOK OF THE NEW SEASON....USELY SEASON START IN SEPTEMBER TILL JANUARY FEBRUARY... So I figure the snook season is going to be great as well down in El Castillo , in front of San Carlos ..or on the shore of the great lakes.. For the tarpon I do not worry they will be there.. Gar fishing will be as usual...Also no problem for Rainbow bass fishing around the Solentiname Archipelago...

I invite all reader interested to share our fishing expedition to be in touch with me rapidly as I wish to organize my planning from now till the end of February...
I have many weeks available but also already have several reservations so in the months coming I will mostly be fishing and it is going to be more difficult to set up additional trip or get in touch with me...


Philippe Tisseaux
Web page:
Preceding fishing reports ( 16 of them ) at:

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